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PETER WOOD              JOHNNY RAO              STEVE BROWN                   TOM KANACK              JOE ROWLEY

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Kanak is an American rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Tom Kanach. The members of his band are guitarists Johnny Rao (David Johansen Band / Sylvain Sylvain), Peter Wood (Dramarama) as well as two mainstays of the NJ music scene, bassist Joe Rowley and drummer Steve Brown. Their music is influenced by classic rock (e.g. The Kinks), 90s alternative (e.g. Nirvana) and the NY punk scene of the 70s (e.g. Dead Boys).

In August 2022 the band is heading to California to record their debut album with legendary producer Ed Stasium (The Ramones, Talking Heads, Smithereens). Check out a basement demo of one of the songs to be included on the new release.

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I would go see these guys playing around the Asbury park area, they would call me up to jam to finish the sets, and it really clicked, Tom has a distinct voice, just a great singer, when they asked me to join up with them, I said " absolutely not" nah, I jumped at the chance to join and take this to the next step - Johnny Rao / Guitarist (David Johansen Band / Sylvain, Sylvain)

“I met Tom a few years back while I was doing some recording at Billy Siegel’s home studio in Flemington… I thought his songs were very good with great “pop sensibility” we kept in touch and started working on new material along with Joe Rowley at his home studio… with the addition of Johnny Rao and drummer Steve Brown we’ve become quite the rock and roll dynamo… always happy to work with other projects…and I think this one might be worth my time…”  -  Peter Wood/Guitarist (Dramarama)


PRIOR TO THE FORMATION OF KANAK, TOM KANACH HAD THREE RELEASES AS A SOLO ARTIST WITH CURRENT BASSIST BY HIS SIDE AND PLAYING THE ROLE OF  PRODUCER  ON TWO OF THE RELEASES. iN 2017 TOM  RELEASED a 30 SONG CONCEPT ALBUM / ROCK OPERA CALLED UNDERTOW. 2019 BROUGHT THE ONCE EP AND IN 2021 AN EP CALLED CHANGE. Songs from CHANGE (Charted on NACC Top 200) have been chosen to be featured in a 2023 ad campaign for the new green fashion company "The Fision". The band is also collaborating with the company on a documentary and a tour of colleges to promote green practices in the fashion industry. Here are two of the songs that have been selected.

In August 2021 Matt Pinfield (MTV, KLOS) joined the band on stage to sing a few covers in front of a sold out crowd at "The Saint" nightclub in Asbury Park, NJ. Matt and band enjoyed the experience so much they have decided to make it an annual event with next one taking place on October 22, 2022. Here is a video from the 2021 show.

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