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Spill Video Premiere:
Kanak - "Without A Clue"

April 25, 2024 •  The Spill Magazine

A Spill Exclusive Video Premiere

Straitjacketed in a padded cell, lead singer Tom Kanach relives scenes from past arguments and betrayals that flashback in silhouettes. Disheveled and looking like he’s been put through the ringer, Kanach rocks back and forth, constrained and contained in his emotions, unsure of what’s next. But it’s the seething yet melodic chorus “I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do about it / Find myself all alone, and end up without a clue” that hammers it home in a cathartic and empowering final flipoff “So fuck you.” It’s that dichotomy that fuels the song’s infectiousness and compels anyone who’s been done wrong to sing along.

Kanach of Kanak feels the Raw, Unfiltered Emotions of 'John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band'

April 22, 2024 • Village Voice

Selecting just one record that has significantly impacted my life feels totally impossible, as there are hundreds of records that I cannot live with.

Tom Kanach discusses the new Kanak EP, “On The Outside”

April 04, 2024 • Chaos Control

The members of New Jersey rock group Kanak initially came together working with singer/guitarist Tom Kanach on his solo project, but as the musicians brought their own ideas to the music, it evolved into a true band. Kanak recently released an EP, On The Outside, on which they worked with legendary producer Ed Stasium (The Ramones, Talking Heads, Motörhead, many others).

Kanach is a veteran of the New Jersey music scene, having been part of Grimace, Well of Souls, and Mischief. Rounding out the band Kanak are guitarists Johnny Rao (David Johansen Band / Sylvain Sylvain) and Peter Wood (Dramarama), bassist Joe Rowley and drummer Steve Brown.

Over a Zoom interview, Kanach discussed the band and new EP.

The EP just came out, but the first music released from it was “Outside.” Was that song the obvious choice for the first single?

Tom Kanach: There was a lot of back and forth about it. Everybody liked a different song. There was some discussion, but “Outside” we felt was a good intro to the band. And then the second single, “Not Right Now,” came out a couple of weeks back and then the EP just came out. So we did a lot of back and forth about it, but we thought that “Outside” wasn’t the most commercial of the songs, but we felt like the message was strong and then the guitar solos were cool and everything.

Column: Punk Rock Scouting Report

April 03, 2024 • Off Shelf

These Asbury Park lifers boast impressive credits (David Johnasen, Sylvain Sylvain, Dramarama, Well of Souls) but don’t expect shopworn 1970’s old-guy punk. Kanak, fronted by and presumably named for singer/guitarist Tom Kanach, delivers ebullient power-pop, with swaggering guitar solos, thundering drums, and a hefty bottom.  Ed Stasium’s full-bodied but cliché-laden production does tend to make this sound like something disinterred from an 80s time capsule and things can get a bit cheesy at times. But if the recent death of Eric Carmen had you running for your old Raspberries albums, fall back into the warm embrace of Kanak’s harmony vocals and triple-guitar testosterone overdose.  

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102 Musicians Predict the Baseball Season
March 27, 2024 • Spin Magazine
Tom Kanach: New York Yankees

What’s your prognosis for the season?

I have a strong gut feeling that the Yanks will have an exceptional offensive season, leading them to the World Series against the Dodgers.

ON THE OUTSIDE EP Cover.jpg's New & Notable NJ Music 3/25/24

March 25, 2024 • New Jersey Stage

Lazlo, founder of (an online radio station based around New Jersey artists), shines a light on some of the many new releases from NJ based musicians each week with this column.

Kanak - "On The Outside". I have been a fan of Tom Kanach, the frontman of Kanak, and his music going back to my college radio days in the 90's when I played his band Well Of Souls on a local music show I did at WMCX. Here we are 30 years later, and he is still putting out incredible music, with "On The Outside" being 6 power-pop songs to make your day better.

KANAK release gritty EP “On The Outside” with powerhouse track “Without A Clue”

March 22, 2024 • Pure M Zine

New Jersey-based rock outfit KANAK reveal their latest EP release, “On The Outside”, hitting the airwaves today via Pop Clique / The Orchard. Lead singer and songwriter, Tom Kanach, reflects on the theme of resilience and estrangement present in the band’s latest offering, stating, “When you’re on the outside, it becomes a powerful mantra.” This sentiment underscores the EP’s gritty and gutsy narrative, resonating with audiences as it delves into themes of heartache, self-discovery, and eventual empowerment.

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Marching on more EPs and Singles: Kanak, The Second Summer, Round Corners, Nerd Magnet, Tony Low, Big City

March 21, 2024 • PowerPopaholic

EPs Highly Recommended by PowerPopaholic

On the Inside of Kanak’s New EP, ‘Outside’

March 20, 2024 • The Aquarian

On the Inside of Kanak’s New EP, ‘Outside’

Their six-song collaboration on the band’s own Pop Clique Music kicks off with the hard-driving quasi-title track and first single, “Outside,” an anthem for the world’s growing band of misfits. If you’re like me and many others who feel detached, you’re going to love the angry snarl of this song.

Makin Waves Album of the Month: "On the Outside" by Kanak

March 19, 2024 • New Jersey Stage

Legendary producer-engineer Ed Stasium (The Ramones, Talking Heads, The Smithereens) was the perfect choice to distill Kanak's raucous three-guitar sound on their latest EP, "On the Outside." Ed had previously worked with David Johansen/Sylvain Sylvain guitarist Johnny Rao who shares six-string duties with Kanak singer-songwriter Tom Kanach (Grimace, Well of Souls, Mischief) and Dramarama guitarist Peter Wood. Rounding out the lineup is the rowdy but tight rhythm section of bassist Joe Rowley and drummer Steve Brown.

Not Right Now Alley- with Kanak Logo.jpg
Kanak releases “Not Right Now”

Feb 24, 2024 • Homebuyer Weekly

(ASBURY PARK, NJ) —  “‘Not Right Now’ captures the essence of a struggle against the tide of challenges and unfulfilled expectations,” says lead singer/songwriter Tom Kanach of New Jersey-based rock band Kanak, about their newest single and video which was released on February 23rd. The propulsive and driving single sheds a light on the reality of postponed dreams and aspirations, a common thematic thread that ties together their upcoming EP, On The Outside (release date: March 22, 2024 via Pop Clique / The Orchard).

Tom adds, “’Not Right Now’ reflects on the universal experience of waiting for a better day, a breakthrough, or a turn of events, only to be met with the persistent reality of things remaining unchanged.”

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Kanak's Video For "Outside" Draws From Live Shows At Local New Jersey Venues

Feb 17, 2024 • Wildfire Music + News

New Jersey Rock band Kanak have released new single and video “Outside” inspired by a feeling of being on the edges of things.

Tom Kanach, lead singer/songwriter says:

I think a lot of people feel like they don’t fit in, and that has always been true for me. I have never quite felt like I belong. “’Outside’ has a message that is so personal for me, yet also universal. Does anyone ever truly feel like they belong? I love the snarl and anger of it. I am singing that I feel like I should fit in through clenched teeth.

Kanak's Is On The 'Outside' Looking In

Jan 30, 2024 • The Jersey Sound

In the video for their new single, “Outside,” there’s a map of New Jersey on the wall behind their stage. Kanak hits a hard-driving groove on the song, a tale of alienation, made more profound by its lyrical honesty. “I think a lot of people feel like they don’t fit in and that has always been true for me. I have never felt like I belong.” So says front-man singer-songwriter Tom Kanach. It’s the first single from their upcoming On The Outside EP, due March 22 via Pop Clique Music/The Orchard. “It’s so personal yet also universal. Does anyone ever truly feel like they belong? I love the snarl and anger of it. I’m singing through clenched teeth. Coming out of the pandemic and losing my father really made me realize how fleeting time is and lonely life can be.”

Band Combined Blue.jpg
Kanak unveil raw and personal single “Outside” ahead of EP debut

Jan 19, 2024 • Pure M Zine

Kanak delves into personal and universal themes of not fitting in and explores the emotional impact of loss and isolation exacerbated by the global pandemic. Tom Kanach reflects on the fleeting nature of time and the loneliness experienced, particularly after losing his father to COVID.

Drawing inspiration from their previous EP, “Demolition”, the band reimagines rough demos in the studio, infusing them with a new and vibrant flair. The accompanying video for “Outside” captures the energy and power of their live performances, featuring footage from various venues across New Jersey.

Band Combined Blue.jpg
Makin Waves Song of the Week: "Outside" by Kanak

Jan 19, 2024 • New Jersey Stage

With a new video, “Outside,” the first single from Kanak’s forthcoming Ed Stasium-produced EP, is the Makin Waves Song of the Week. PHOTO COURTESY OF POP CLIQUE RECORDS

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