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Disguise- Digital download


"Disguise," a compelling track from Kanak's EP "On The Outside," unravels a narrative of disillusionment and the unmasking of superficiality. The song dissects the facade that some individuals construct to gain admiration and applause, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of popularity built on deception.


The lyrics vividly depict a scene where the protagonist's words captivate and enthrall a crowd, leaving them cheering for more. However, the narrator, a discerning observer, remains unswayed, having witnessed this performance before. Despite the outward excitement, there's an underlying sense of monotony, as the spectacle fails to truly impress.


As the song unfolds, the cautionary message becomes clearer—warning against the dangers of reaching too high, of believing one's own falsehoods. The imagery of a carnival ride hidden deep inside suggests that the spectacle is not genuine but rather a constructed illusion.


The chorus serves as a poignant reminder that the day will come when the charm wears off, and the audience sees through the masquerade. The lyrics emphasize the transience of admiration built on deceit, urging the performer to watch out when the inevitable day of reckoning arrives.


"Disguise" touches on the theme of manipulation and the consequences of weaving intricate webs of deception. The verses describe a gathering where the protagonist stirs the pot, and yet, beneath the surface, there's an unseen side desperately concealed. The lyrics question the authenticity of the persona, exposing it as nothing more than a façade.


The caution to "watch out when you smear it on thick" serves as a stark reminder that embellishments and exaggerations are but temporary illusions, lacking substance or depth. The song suggests that these superficial displays may captivate momentarily but ultimately fail to evoke genuine emotion or connection.


The repeated refrain "They’re gonna see right through your disguise" underscores the inevitability of truth prevailing. The metaphor of what goes up must come down serves as a metaphorical anchor, symbolizing the fleeting nature of illusory success.


"Disguise" is a powerful commentary on the pitfalls of building a persona based on deception. Through its evocative lyrics and musical arrangement, Kanak invites listeners to reflect on the authenticity of those around them and consider the consequences of relying on a facade for fleeting admiration. The song is a stark reminder that true connection and lasting success come from sincerity and genuine expression rather than the superficial allure of a carefully crafted disguise.


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