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Outside- Digital Download


"Outside" is the poignant title track of Kanak's new EP, offering a heartfelt exploration of the emotions that come with feeling excluded and distant. The lyrics delve into the experience of being on the outside, looking in, and the challenges of trying to fit in when it seems like the world is pushing you away.


The song captures the essence of isolation and the struggle to find acceptance in a society that may not always embrace uniqueness. The repeated refrain, "When you're on the outside," becomes a powerful mantra, emphasizing the persistent feeling of being on the fringes, separated from the mainstream.


Kanak's soulful vocals deliver the plea to be let in, to be understood, and to escape the loneliness of being on the outside. The desire to connect and the acknowledgment of personal differences are woven throughout the lyrics, creating a narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.


The song takes a reflective turn, contemplating the reasons for being on the outside—acknowledging truths, making choices, and facing consequences. Despite the realization that it might be too late to go back, the chorus maintains a sense of hope, with the repeated plea to be let in and the promise to wash away sins and learn how to swim, metaphorically offering a chance at redemption and growth.


The recurring theme of embracing one's differences and finding pride in being unique adds depth to the narrative. "Different" becomes a source of strength and a guiding principle, encouraging listeners to take pride in their individuality even when faced with societal norms.


"Outside" is a soul-stirring anthem that explores the complexities of identity, acceptance, and the longing for connection. With its emotive lyrics and Kanak's evocative delivery, the song invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences of being on the outside and to find solace in the power of embracing what makes them different.




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